When it comes to trading in markets, many people don’t know where to start. They see that there is lots of opportunity and they are attracted by the chance to grow wealth, but they also know the stories of loss.  The One Minute Trader Approach helps traders understand how markets work, so they can confidently participate…even while trading part-time……

We understand how it can feel. By not being in front of markets at all times you feel like your missing out.

When Matt started as a new hedge fund manager, one of the things he was taught early on was how to be patient and wait for the trade to come to him. It was this approach that helped him produce outsized returns for many years and it will help you.

One Minute Trader is led by Matt Davio, creator of the OMT approach. Matt has studied and traded successfully in markets for decades and as such is versatile in how markets behave and where good opportunities exist.

  • 1998-2000 Peak 6 Chicago /  Returned over 76%
  • 2000-2002 Parallax San Francisco | Returned 187% on $8 million
  • 2002-2006 Red Rock Fund | Short Biased Equity/Options 2002-06, 11.7% annualized returns.
  • 2006-2013 Proxense (Tech Company) Business Development | Raised $18mm in risk Capital
  • October 2015 – November 2016 Family Fund Traded Futures/Options | $680k into $1.432 Million in 11 months of Trading.  
  • November 2016 – Present | Prop trading Futures/Forex (BTC)/Options

Passionate about seeing market participants see success, Matt continues to trade and consult with beginning to experienced traders.  Some want to participate in the industry.  Many just want a way to grow wealth.  The OMT approach benefits both.

The OMT approach was created to help Matt keep from overtrading (a common challenge of traders) his own accounts and the process resulted in him seeing outsized results for years.  It will work for you.

Through the OMT approach, you will:

  • Learn a proven market strategy and approach that has been used in hundreds of trading products and every major world market over several decades.
  • You will completely understand how markets work and how to position yourself to win while you are still focused on other work.
  • See how this approach is applicable in any and every trade able asset class (stocks, options, futures, forex)
  • Apply this approach to your trading system and use it independently.

OMT will help you see markets in such a way that you are positioned to win.

The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion. If traders are confused about what where they are in the market, they’ll engage in activity that will lead to losses. Once you clarify where you are in the market auction cycle, your accounts will begin to grow. Traders and investors that clarify their posture in the market win in the marketplace.

Join FMT (5 Minute Trader) today and get daily updates from Matt. Why? Because nobody will teach you these insights and you can’t afford the amount of time it will take to figure it out on your own.

If you’ve tried other services and they haven’t worked, try FMT for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll cancel your FMT and give you a full refund.

You don’t need expensive equipment to be a great trader. You can implement these principles from a mobile phone.  Don’t be like most traders who hang on every news blurb to place trades. It’s exhausting and it doesn’t work.  Don’t spend time in front of markets and miss out on life!