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On this episode of the One Minute Trader Podcast, host Matt Davio talks to Mark Garbin, a fellow trader and the author of the book “Whisky and Romance Manhattan: A Rare New York Neighborhood Guide”

Link to his book on Amazon


MATT: [00:00:00] It more difficult for me to drink the distilled products. Not that there’s anything wrong with them I think. Matter of fact if you can drink them in small quantities and sip they’re very fine. So how did you go from- you know this is a diversion for you. Right? Because you’re very active still in the markets. Futures, stock futures, single stock futures, working with their mutual funds, how did you happen to find time to write a couple of books?


MARK: [00:00:38] That’s a great question Matt. Well you know my experience with folks that are in our business that we’re in our business because it’s in our blood and because it’s in our blood it seems to occupy a great deal of thought both on and off market hours and I was looking for how do I keep my mind off the Markets because you can get really wrapped up in them.


MATT: [00:01:09] unhelpfully so.


MARK: [00:01:11] Yes and unhelpfully so and that’s sort of like an oxymoron or tautology to say that you can cure your stock market addiction with something other than a stock market. You use another addictive device to do it, which is risky. And so to your point, it’s not drinking a lot, it’s about drinking better and it’s finding the best places to really sit back and enjoy what you’re drinking. And hopefully you’ve got some companion with you.


MATT: [00:01:47] Right.


MARK: [00:01:48] On whether it’s a girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse that you can just relax and have a conversation and just remember what it was like a long time ago in a galaxy far far away when you actually talk to each other without looking at your phones.


MARK: [00:02:04] Yes.


MARK: [00:02:05] And so our what I call in the book: bandwidth bombardment They say everybody’s got a novel in them and it turned out that I did. And so about four years ago I had a novel published. It was called No fingerprints and it’s a pictorial novel. So it’s a full color pictures and maps, the genre’s a lot like Frederick Forsyth so it’s a thriller and it’s about the secret destruction of Iran’s nuclear capability.


MATT: [00:02:41] OK.


MARK: [00:02:42] Because that what everybody wants to do in their spare time.

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