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In this episode, host Matt Davio reviews trade ideas presented during the week in the Five Minute Trader daily video series. Which include videos titled: “NASDAQ on the Comeback”, “the BUNDt Cake”, ” Five Minute Trader Q&A”, ” Get your Wheaties”, “Sugar Cubed”.

MATT: [00:00:00] Hello I would like to talk to you about the One Minute Trader we are here to take the time strapped trader and turn them into a profitable, money making machine, with daily ideas that give you, the trader on the go, a reason to trade with risk defined and profits taken when able. I’m Matt Davio and this is the One Minute Trader podcast.


MATT: [00:00:56] OK welcome back to the One Minute Trader. And we wanted to as always do a quick review of last week’s video emails and talk a little bit about the upcoming week. Last week we talked a little bit early. Recall the week previously, we had the whole North Korea incident going on and the market closed pretty weak. Friday, the 11th, however turned around and closed pretty strongly on Monday, the 14th, and the market did recover Monday. Had a nice rally to continue. But we talked a little bit about the Nasdaq and would that last? And we matter of fact talked a little bit about putting on a short that day and it did end up paying off quite significantly later in the week. We then took a look at the German Bundt trade. We took a look at a wheat trade on Thursday after answering some listener questions on Wednesday. And then on Friday we had another trade suggestion again with sugar, on the sugar front. We did put a video up there this week. Do you need to close all your positions or roll over as part of your expiration strategy. We wanted to talk a little bit about the futures business. So on our video that came out Wednesday that is also attached too. Day is actually live and you can see that. So we wanted to post that up there. This week we’ve got a lot going on. Last week we ended the week down 2.23 percent in the S&P and from the all time record close and up. Now for the year 8.34. So it was an interesting week in that again we ended with the North North Korea mess and then we kind of had the weekend to take the heat off of that and move right to the white supremacy issue that took place in Charlottesville and the University of Virginia campus. So isn’t it interesting that we jump from one fire situation from Russia to North Korea to white supremacy. I’ve never seen a press so actively go after a president specifically on all these issues and really not too many of them he has had any direct correlation to. Also this week the good news we had you know North Korea backing off from their threatened missile launch towards Guam. There are some some times there that diplomacy might actually prevail. We had retail sales increasing actually by another half of a percent beating expectations of .3 of a percent. That’s pretty significant. And it’s pretty interesting that again sales continue to grow get on the retail side the malls and the retail stores are really struggling. But people are spending online. Los Angeles had its largest port traffic week ever last week and that comes from our friends at calculated risk. Just wanted to bring up some of those things that are going on. The Ann Arbor Housewives or the Michigan sentiment number on Friday was actually very strong: 97.6. And that tends to work pretty well and stay in line with kind of the recessionary cycles. With GDP this high and University of Michigan this high we’re not seeing any signs of recession anytime soon. Now as far as housing I know housing was a little soft on the permits, building permits were soft this week. And housing starts also decline. So they both missed expectations. Now that being said multi-family is pretty volatile and it has been moving sideways but it’s also up 35 percent. That’s the apartment business; 35 percent year over year. And single family starts are still up 11 percent, year over year. So those are some pretty positive numbers. The ugly news on the econ side not so much here in the U.S., on anything that we haven’t touched, but the cholera outbreak in Yemen has spread to about half a million people now in the last four months that’s pretty ugly. 30 thousand health care workers have not been paid there in a year to deal with. So it’s a pretty sad situation if you if you’re looking for somewhere to throw some money to help some of the people in the world that could use it. That’s definitely a place that could use it. So this week ahead it’s a pretty quiet week on the economic calendar. So will we finally have a quiet week here in August? Which we haven’t. It’s been a volatile, a matter of fact, the most volatile month of the year this year has been August. And that matter of fact probably should coincide with the all time lowest day and week in volatility as far as the VIX is concerned. So this week what am I interested in? Probably mostly I’m interested in the new home sales number. We’ve got we’ve got the Jackson Hole economic policy symposium beginning as usual on Friday in Jackson Hole Wyoming with Yellen is our headline speaker so people will be looking there. And Draghi is also attending but he’s not scheduled to speak. But there’s no doubt this is a there’s a lot of meetings going on behind closed doors here. So be on the alert for that. So new home sales is on Wednesday. We’ve got typical crude numbers Wednesday. Job claims, just the initial claims, on Thursday and continuing claims. Then existing home sales also Thursday and then we wrap up the week Friday with durable goods. So pretty quiet week. Hopefully we will see a quiet week before we get into the peak trading season here really mid-September through mid-December. This is one of the best times of the year for traders typically. So that’s about it. Thanks again for listening. We appreciate it if you’d like us here on the podcast. Let people know that you’re listening to this and you’re getting good factual information. This week we’ve got a couple of new podcast scheduled coming out Tuesday and Thursday. Sign up for our five minute trader product again we’ve been out there now for about two months and really in 40 trading videos I can’t think of really more than one or two that has not been almost spot on and provided a great opportunity for our customers and our clients to get involved in some trades that maybe they hadn’t conceived. These are coming to you every day five minute video delivered to your e-mail box. Take a listen. It’s free for the first 30 days as long as you cancel within 30 days at any point. I don’t think you’ll cancel once you start. So give it a shot. The five minute trader product a five minute video delivered to your mailbox each day. Thanks very much for listening and have a great day and have a fantastic week.


MATT: [00:08:14] The One Minute Trader was developed to bring you fresh trade ideas every day of every trading week. Make sure you go sign up for and are invaluable One Minute Trader daily emails along with our five minute video emails to get timely insights into evolving trade possibilities. Let One Minute Trader be your second set of eyes for trade opportunities that may have passed you by. We appreciate you listening today to the podcast and we hope you’ll support the show by leaving us a positive ratings on whichever platform you’re tuning in from. I’m Matt Davio and this is the One Minute Trader podcast.

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