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In this episode, host Matt Davio and new trader Tony review trade ideas presented during the week in the Five Minute Trader daily video series. Which include videos titled: “Dollar power, play it!”, “In a New York Minute”, “NASDAQ is stuck, 3 weeks running”, “Five Minute Trader Q&A”, “Tesla Girls”

[00:00:00] Hello I would like to talk to you about the One Minute Trader we are here to take the time strapped trader and turn them into a profitable money making machine with daily ideas that give you, the trader on the go, a reason to trade with risk defined and profits taken when able.


[00:00:26] I’m Matt Davio and this is the One Minute Trader podcast.


[00:00:54] Alright, Matt Davio here. Welcome back to the one minute trader podcast. I wanted to give you a quick recap for the week. We like to do this every week where we do a quick review of our five minute trader product which goes out every weekday we give a five minute video with an actionable trade idea that is available each day in your mailbox timely and with buy and sell levels of different things. This week we talked a little bit on Monday about the dollar following an idea I had. Looking at the Canadian loonie the week before this week we go with the U.S. greenback and we talked a little bit about a longer term idea, macro idea I’ve got in the dollar. Tuesday we had a video that is now live for anybody to see up on the five minute trader website. ( ) You can find it at YouTube or here on the blog and the podcast. And basically we said on Tuesday as the Nasdaq was trading 5927 we said Sell it up to a new highas long as we didn’t close over 5980 and we did run all the way up to 5970. So if you’re able to put that on by Thursday we traded as low as 5761. So anywhere from 160 to 210 points was available this week in the Nasdaq and that was a really really fantastic 3 percent trade that came our way. So Wednesday we talked again about bitcoin as it continues today even Saturday to hit forty one hundred dollars. So we’ve got some levels on Bitcoin that we put out in our video. Thursday we did or a five minute Q&A from our viewers. We had a five minute video about how to locate the right trades in the right markets and what are we looking for and how do we find those particular trades. Friday we wrapped up the week talking a little bit about Tesla and Tesla has had a nice rally the last week. Post-earnings post S-3 coming out in the marketplace. They’ve also raised some more money in the bond market so there’s a lot going on in Tesla So in about 20 minutes this week five minute trader members got to see several trade ideas and strategies that they can use in a time crunched life. So we’ll be back next week with a review of our trades next week and we hope if you have any questions and want to join. Just click the link below for the five minute trader and the first month is free That’s right free for the first month. If you don’t like it just cancel and there’s no payment to us and you can cancel any time. We’re looking forward to quite a number of podcasts we’ve got lined up both Tuesday Thursday this week following and again next week. We’ve got about three scheduled podcasts so we’re going to continue to do here each week one being the recap and then two fresh idea-ed podcasts that we’re going to throw up here anywhere from five to 15 minutes so we’ll keep them brief in context with the whole idea of a five minute trader. It doesn’t take long to find the right ideas. Be brief and we’ll talk to you soon. I’m Matt Davia with the one minute trader podcast and if you have any questions just drop me an email at [email protected] as always we appreciate you listening. And again sign up for the five minutes later. No obligation. If you don’t like it after any time in 30 days you can cancel. So again we appreciate your business and any questions. Just drop us a line. Thanks.


[00:04:57] The one minute trader was developed to bring you fresh trade ideas every day of every trading week. Make sure you go sign up for our invaluable one minute trader daily e-mails along with our five minute video emails to get timely insights into evolving trade possibilities. Let one minute trader be your second set of eyes for trade opportunities that may have passed you by. We appreciate your listening today to the podcast and we hope you’ll support the show by leaving us a positive ratings on whichever platform you’re tuning in from. I’m Matt Davio and this is the one minute trader podcast.

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