[00:00:00] Welcome to the one minute trader our objective at the one minute trader is to deliver a daily actionable idea to your mailbox or as mass via video link that is less than five minutes on a daily basis. We realize how busy you are in your life and your career and we realize that not everybody has the time nor desire to become a trader. However your curiosity your desire to grow your wealth are all important to you. And we are here to help guide you and assist you in driving that goal of turning your money into more money without having to sit in front of a computer screen for an entire day week month or year because we recognize that as one minute trader you have a very busy successful career and would like to put your money to work and own your way to profits. Thanks and welcome to the one minute trader.


[00:01:28] Hey welcome back Matt Davio here at the one minute trader and I’m here with Tony again. We’re going to do a little review on our five minute videos for our members this week. We decided on the podcast to touch on this a little bit. And we’re going to we also put out a blog post that talks to the trades and we actually are going to free up a video every week which I think is a good idea for people to see that aren’t members and they can seem a little bit delayed by a week or so and get an idea of the product which is a fine product by the way in six weeks we’ve had a fantastic response. Tony?


[00:02:06] Pretty good yeah really good response.


[00:02:08] And we’re super excited and super jazzed to be out here. One of the things I’d like you to do is please if you enjoy the podcast. Is going to be brief because we know you’re busy. We’re not going to do The Tim Ferriss model and talk for two hours.


[00:02:25] No no no.


[00:02:26] He’s much too intelligent for me and I don’t want to do that much research. So we kind of do this off the top of our head with a couple of themes and ideas in mind before we start. But please like us on on iTunes stitcher soundcloud wherever it is that you’re listening we’re going to be on Spotify. We want to be on every platform because everybody uses their tools a little bit differently.


[00:02:49] Yeah you can kind of piggy backing off of that. Keep the questions coming. You know anything that you don’t have the time for that to really use and utilize us and they.


[00:02:59] Send me an e-mail matt at one minute trader dot tv ([email protected]) I will try to answer all e-mails personally. Don’t ask me to borrow money. Don’t know if I can teach you for shits and giggles. But if you really want to learn we’ll have a conversation. There’s a place to do that at our Web site also. But in all seriousness We’d love to. We’d love to hear feedback and any questions that you have that apply to this format. We really believe that we’ve hit on the sweet spot and people want to learn more about markets. They’ve been taught that they’re very difficult and they don’t have to be. They really don’t.


[00:03:42] What I think part of the value you can get out of us is sending your question to some of your researching and there’s so much noise out there you don’t know what to believe or hear or read it where you go.


[00:03:52] Right.


[00:03:53] I think this period is pretty especially.


[00:03:56] In 27 years of trading Tony I traded pretty much everything that I’ve seen all types of trades. I know what works for me and what doesn’t work. That doesn’t mean necessarily that it’s going to be the exact same way for you but you’re going to hit on some ideas that whether it’s stocks whether it’s future’s whether it’s options that are going to make a lot of sense. And we know you’ll get huge value from it. So as Tony said please drop us a line at any point we want to keep this open. And this week again we had a full week this week in the markets and we’re coming to the end of the month again next week. We have the last week of July and if you’ll recall 2014 Tony we actually had a market similar to this where we were up basically May June July and we’ve been up since November of this year since Election Day.


[00:04:48] Wow.


[00:04:49] So we’re talking nine full months of no pullbacks and in the last three weeks in July the NASDAQ alone is up 6.7 percent coming into the final week. And we’ve got FOMC rate announcements on Wednesday next week so that will be a big day. Last week we had Draghi On the euro ECB. He came out and he didn’t even say anything. The funny thing was he basically talked hey I want to have. He basically said I want the euro to be stronger in Europeand the euro went up.


[00:05:24] Just aspirational.


[00:05:26] It’s unbelievable. But that’s what the market did. It actually went up based on him just talking. So that was interesting in itself because we’re at all time highs for the last three or four years. And to break out possibly break out. But I will say that with a caveat for the euro is if it if it gets above and I’m talking the pair trade euro/USD if that closes about 117 on Friday which it did today it was below 1. It was like 116 66 or so or the end of the month. Next Friday would be even better than we might be having to shop for that thing to run a little bit further in the dollar to get it a little bit further. So if the euro can close above 117 it might run up to 121 to 124 which you can get people really frothy really really frothy interesting thing about that also at the same time this week the DAX the German market which is there DOW if you will or their S&P really broke today it was an ugly day for the DAX it was down a percent or 2 percent in half I believe and didn’t have a good day. So euro’s going up. The stock markets going down. So this is what the people of the European Union are getting from Draghi.


[00:06:56] And both are poised for some kind of catalyst possibly?


[00:06:59] Well I mean what do you want a better currency or a weaker market? Because they’re basically crossing each other out right now. In other words in other words your currency is worth more elsewhere. But nobody’s buying your market because your currency is worth more. Yeah. So it is interesting.


[00:07:18] Catch 22.


[00:07:19] Well and it also speaks to the you know that there is an election coming up here and I think in September October for the German reelection and Merkel. So she probably won’t be anymore. So I think the DAX could be telling us already that they don’t like what they see in the future for Germany or the European Union. So this week really quick Tony we had five videos and again we’ve got a write up on this but we talked about bitcoin in the July breakdown last Saturday I don’t know if you saw it but Bitcoin I had been short from like twenty six twenty seven hundred and went all the way down to 17, 18 hundred on Saturday just get crushed and you really.


[00:08:01] And you were short on it.


[00:08:01] I was short so I covered it. That’s good and a bunch of it. And this week today we were actually back to 2700. And the reason is that there’s just a lot of confusion. And you know there’s talk of a civil war in the Bitcoin world splitting the cryptocurrency is like there’s a couple of main ones and new ones are emerging that can’t be right.


[00:08:23] A couple came across my radar.


[00:08:24] Ethereum.


[00:08:24] Ethereum is the one that everybody else is talking about with the traditional bit coin.


[00:08:30] So the first gold rush.


[00:08:32] and right. The volatility is such Tony that I think it’s still a good time and you want to be if you’re able to trade Bitcoin and you can trade through Coinbase is where I’ve traded it and still trade it it works great. It’s just an exchange. But we talked about that and we talked about the breakdown that we had been looking for in the previous video. We kind of recap that hey we’re taking profits. That was on Monday video Tuesday. We put up a video on the VIX and the VIX products. And I think that the VIX was down below 950 again which again hasn’t been there like it’s been below 10 now almost six days in a row which it had only been under 10 like one day like 10 different times in the last decade.


[00:09:21] And now six days in a row.


[00:09:22] Six days in a row. So that’s weird just to me. Well somebody is selling somebody All week I’ve said this The Nasdaq has been up the S&P has been up. The Dow actually closed red this week. It closed red from where it opened and closed on Friday last week. So the Dow is red. The S&P is green. The Nasdaq is green and Russell sold off today and on close really was kind of a flat week but a terrible close. So very confusing to most participants in the market so we actually put the video up on the site. So go to oneminutetrader.tv/OMT.


[00:10:06] And you can follow on the blog. Time now to recap.


[00:10:10] And the recap is there.


[00:10:11] It will be there on the blog.


[00:10:13] Thursday I was born and raised in Detroit and I talk a little bit about another currency and had a little riddle in there. So that was a fun video. And then today I talked a little bit about burritos and tacos and how that applied to the trade idea that we had especially with chipotle. I don’t know. Did you see some other day?


[00:10:37] Salma- Not Salmanella.


[00:10:38] It’s another viral thing they’re saying but.


[00:10:40] Roto-virus.


[00:10:42] Yeah. Roto-virus which you know I mean you know what it’s scary. Like any time you go to a fast food place I mean certain places I walk in I walk out goes no way in hell.


[00:10:51] Yeah.


[00:10:52] I mean it’s dirty. I did a double take on that. It sounds like it’s one location got shut down and we’re in there just about how last year.


[00:11:01] And now there’s rumors of rat rats running around and come on.


[00:11:05] Corporate sabotage.


[00:11:06] It’s strange. All I’m saying is it is kind of strange. So anyway that’s really all I had to talk about I wanted to do a quick recap and thank you for your time again Tony today and we’ll be back again soon as you know we get the time to drop another five to 10 minutes and we hope you enjoyed it. Again any questions you have. Send us an e-mail [email protected] And if you’d like to take a look at our call our our products we’re offering now a monthly five minute video delivered every trading day that I would highly recommend. A lot of people are taking us up on this. Love it. Their responses are I’ve paid for three years in just one trade. And that’s exactly what we expect. We’re almost giving it away especially covering our costs. We hope you enjoy it and please keep coming back to the site for new content. And thanks for listening and give us a thumbs up on iTunes Stitcher and Soundcloud. anywhere you listen to the one minute trader. Tell your friends. Give us a thumbs up. Thank you.


[00:12:26] Hope you enjoyed the podcast today. And we would appreciate if you would comment and like us here on the podcast below so we can rise in the rankings and more people can hear what you enjoyed today. You have any questions send us an e-mail at [email protected] And as always we appreciate you taking a listen. And any ideas and thoughts that you have. Please send them my way. Thank you.

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